This Brave Woman Just Confronted Cops Abusing a Citizen


October 22, 2015

SAN DIEGO, CA — We have received a video showing what can only be described as an act of courage.

Mae League says she was driving as usual this week when she suddenly observed police abusing a citizen on the side of the road.

Rather than continuing onward as if nothing happened, Mae did something many wouldn’t do.

She made a U-turn and decided to defend the citizen.

She pulled up, got her phone out to film the encounter, and immediately told the cops that what they were doing was wrong.

In the video cops can be seen twisting the citizen’s arms back even though the citizen was already in handcuffs.

They were doing this on purpose, it appears, to cause the citizen additional pain.

Mae sounded off:

I’m going to stand where I’m going to stand. You have no right to treat people this way. You’re not the final authority. And this is your problem: You guys are outta fucking control. You guys are outta control. You can’t just go apprehending people like this. You have to have a reason to be putting your hands on people.”

Judging by their body language, the police began getting nervous, as if they knew they had been caught doing something wrong.

What do you think our country would be like if more citizens got involved like Mae did? Do you think police would still be as quick to abuse people in broad daylight?

Let us know your thoughts after the video: