This Cop Tried to Steal a DEAD Man’s Home and Have the Surviving Owners Reported for “Fraud”: Officials


When relatives of the late Lillian Hudson decided to sell a property they had inherited almost two decades ago, they did not realize that they would end up exposing a New York police officer’s cunning scheme to illegally acquire prime real estate in the city.

Three years ago NYPD cop Blanche O’Neal had chalked out a plan that she thought was flawless.

A crafty plot

In 2012 she filed a deed declaring that she had purchased a neglected property in Brooklyn from Hudson’s nephew for $10,000.

She lived on the same street.

The officer sat tight on the four-storey townhouse until April this year when the rightful owners decided to sell it to a company called 23A Vernon LLC.

Still believing her scheme was watertight, O’Neal called the sheriff’s office to complain that someone had fraudulently tried to transfer the deed of her home to a corporate entity.

The sheriff’s office started a probe into the matter.

This is when the 45-year-old cop’s web of lies came undone.

It was discovered that she had forged Hudson’s nephew’s signature in 2012 to acquire the house.

When all else failed she claimed the house was part of a $5 million settlement following a civil lawsuit she had filed in 2008.

In it she had claimed that she suffered a slip-and-trip outside the property in question.

It turns out that the case was rejected any way and O’Neal received nothing from it.

The charges

The disgraced cop is suspended without pay.

She has been indicted on charges of second-degree grand larceny, offering a false instrument profiling and criminal possession of a forged instrument.

The list does not end here.

For another court case, she testified before a grand jury stating that the house belonged to her.

For this she has been charged with lying under oath.

O’Neal faces up to 15 years in prison.

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