[WATCH] This Honor Student’s Face Was Smashed Into the Ground by Cops for No Reason, Now He’s Speaking Out



Martese Johnson will probably never be able to get rid of the scars from the wounds inflicted on him on the night of March 18, 2015.

However, the African-American university student is determined to wear them with pride.

He experienced police brutality in its entire monstrosity that evening, but he considers himself lucky to have lived to tell the tale.

For the first time since the episode, Johnson has spoken about what happened that night.

“How did this happen?”

Around seven months ago, Johnson was at an off-campus bar having a good time with his friends. As he left the tavern, three Alcohol Beverage Control agents approached him.

They asked him to show them his ID.

When he presented it to them, they declared it was a fake.

What followed was probably Johnson’s worst nightmare.

They slammed him to the ground and put handcuffs and leg shackles on him.

The officers placed him under arrest and did not give him a reason for their decision.

He bled profusely as his classmates and friends watched in horror.

None of them could do anything – he kept shouting: “How did this happen? I go to U.Va.!”.

At this point no one knew that they were dealing with police officers.

The least his supporters could do was to record his ordeal on their cell phones.

In a video that was uploaded on social media and went viral shortly after, the cops are seen using excessive force on Johnson.

A man can be heard yelling “his head is bleeding” several times.

Johnson is seen crying with his face on the ground.

Perhaps, the best way to describe it is in the victim’s words himself.

“When I was picked up and dragged away by these officers, glimpses of my ancestors’ history flashed before my eyes. Although it could never compare to a life of slavery, for those hours, I had no freedom, no autonomy, and no say in what was happening to me.”

The aftermath

The Chicago student was then arrested. He was charged with public intoxication or swearing and resisting arrest without force.

In August the officers were cleared of wrongdoing and the charges against Johnson were dropped.

Watch the video below:

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