“This Isn’t a War, This is a 12-Yr-Old!” – Witnesses Terrified as Cop Beats Restrained Child


cop beat child

NEW YORK — A disturbing video has surfaced online showing a police officer dressed in a camouflage jacket — as if he were in a warzone — running up to a handcuffed 12-yr-old child and repeatedly pounding the child from behind.

Cops are often trained to keep their fists or batons low when they beat Americans. The idea behind this is so that if they are caught on camera, viewers won’t be able to see it, and they can avoid prosecution.

In this case, however, the officer’s fist can clearly be seen pounding the child in the back, even though the officer tried to keep his fist low.

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He appears to delver at least three uppercuts into the child’s back, at which point the witness filming the incident began shaking and the camera pans away.

Several eyewitnesses at the scene can be heard screaming and telling the cops to stop.

At that point, the cops slam another young boy down onto the trunk of a car and appear to twist his wrists behind his back, causing him to wince in pain.

One of the witnesses at the scene happened to be a lawyer.

Someone can be heard telling the police “This isn’t a war, this is a 12-yr-old boy!”

To which the police offered no response, but simply continued the abuse.

The eight minute video was posted to YouTube this week, and has been going viral ever since.

The children can be heard toward the end of the video asking what they did wrong, “What did we do? Can I hear what we did?”

The person who posted the video reports that the incident started when a student had been pushed by another classmate. At some point the cops swarmed in on the scene.

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The student who was pushed told the cops that these two 12-yr-olds were not the ones who pushed him, that it was somebody else, but the cops proceeded to beat and arrest the two 12-yr-olds anyway.

Pro-establishment media outlets have tried to divert attention away from the issue by implying that it’s a “white vs black” problem, ignoring the fact that officers of all races and genders can be seen on the video either participating in the abuse or standing by and condoning it.

Watch video now (Warning: Strong Language):