This Man is Suing for $2 Million After Police Gunned Down His Dog for No Reason


After more than a year of pleading with Salt Lake City authorities, Sean Kendall has decided it is time to file a $2 million lawsuit.

He says there is no looking back any more and he won’t settle until the mayor agrees to introduce solid changes in police policy, especially in the way that they deal with animals.

Why is he suing?

In June 2014 a child in Kendall’s neighborhood was reported missing, Salt Lake City police Officer Brett Olsen responded to the call along with other officers.

After looking through his home for the missing youngster, the cops decided it was time to extend the search to other properties in the area.

This is when Olsen climbed on to Kendall’s property and went into his backyard.

The owner was not at home and his dog Geist jumped in front of the officer, which surprised him.

Within seconds Olsen pulled out his gun and shot the canine. He later stated that he felt threatened by the dog.
Kendall says he only found out about the tragedy one hour later after an animal control officer caught him.

It is noteworthy that the child police were looking for, and whose house they had already searched, was found sleeping in the basement of his own home.

A legal course of action
Ross Anderson is Kendall’s attorney.

He says the officer had no right to enter the property, whether it was the front door or the backyard Olsen should have never been there in the first place.

“These officers weren’t trained, their policies were wrong and after all this time, it remains unremedied,” said Anderson.

Kendall says he tried endlessly for changes in policy and the court case is a desperate alternative for him.
“This lawsuit is an absolute last resort,” he commented.

He adds that his constitutional rights the violated and dropping the case would be like giving the authorities his blessing to illegally walk into his yard and kill his pet.

“I can’t live with that,” said Kendall.

He also believes that a monetary compensation cannot make up for his loss, but the $ 2 million lawsuit will get attention from the authorities.

“For the 2 ½ years that I had him, he [Geist] was my best friend.”

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