This Man Was Imprisoned for 44 Years for Trying to Kill a Cop, Now He Has an Intriguing Message



Amanda Froelich | True Activist

44 years after being sentenced to prison, Otis has emerged to find a very different world.

In the 70’s, at the age of 25, Otis Johnson went to jail for the attempted murder of a police officer.

When he was released – 44 years later, he was 69 and had to re-adjust to the ways of the world.

His experience, shared with Al Jazeera (above), offers perspective into the many ways the world has changed in a very rapid amount of time.

Johnson shares that when he was freed, the world was a dystopia where everyone has become a secret agent wearing wires.”

His mind couldn’t understand why everyone was talking to themselves (on their phones) when he first arrived at Times Square.

He also noticed that people had picked up peculiar habits with the IPhones in their palms (such as walking without looking where they’re going).

Otis’ family stopped visiting him in 1998, so he had been isolated from the world until his release in 2014.

It’s certainly been a process adjusting to an unfamiliar society.  

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