This Teen Wanted to Join the Army, He Can’t After Police Beat Him and Charged Him With “Assaulting Officer”



A teenager in the United Kingdom is pleading people all over the world to sign a petition to plead the police to erase three charges that he says he received unlawfully.

To substantiate his claim Antonio Pollio has posted two videos on YouTube capturing his encounter with the police earlier this year.

It all started when the 15-year-old boy was in a car park and saw a girl arguing with the manager of a store about free Wi-Fi.

He then saw the situation intensify and the two shouted at each other.

The manager then took the girl back to the store with him.

Curious to find out was going on Pollio went to the entrance of the store. He had already begun filming the incident on his cell phone when the angry manager walked towards them.

At the entrance of the store, he walked past the a female cop who asked him for his name.

In the video, the boy can be heard telling the officer that he has no legal obligation to identify himself.

The officer claims the argument in the car park involved racial abuse and he was a witness – Pollio tells her he had seen nothing of the nature, and then he starts to walk away.

Another male police officer asks him to stay back; he asks the cop if he is being detained.

Following this the cops got vicious.

“A police officer grabbed me by arm and two others surrounded me on the wall,” he explains. 

“The police officer then knocked my phone out of my hand and as soon as that happened he put me in a headlock and things got very violent.”

As if this was not enough, Pollio was charged with assault on an officer, obstructing an officer while performing their duty and refusing to give his details.

After the incident he posted pictures of himself on Imgur.

The images show that the boy has a bloodied nose and a bruised wrist with several marks showing how brutally he was manhandled.

Pollio says the store manager who started the argument in the first place changed his story and the girl never got charged because, as the teenager had earlier pointed out, there had been no racial abuse.

In his request urging people to sign his petition the boy says he is not doing this for any sort of ulterior motive.

His only purpose is to have a clean record so he can join the armed forces, a career of choice for almost all members of his family.

Pollio says it has been a “lifelong ambition” for him and now these three charges, which he says he didn’t even deserve, will look bad when he applies.

He is working hard for good school results, hoping they will come in handy if need be.

You can find his petition here.

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