Thousands of Bikers to Protest Police After Waco Police Massacre


Over ten thousand bikers have been invited to protest the Waco Police Department tomorrow.

The number of protesters is expected to grow in the next 24 hrs.

The protest is in response to a recent incident during which police are said to have gunned down nine bikers.

If you pay attention only to State-controlled corporatist old-fashioned media outlets, you probably are convinced that bikers were the violent ones.

Nothing could be further from the truth: police, in fact, were the ones gunning down bikers.

The massacre happened after an annual biker meeting was taking place at a restaurant. The meeting was part of a national political platform and association for bikers. Every year they come together to donate to charities, for camaraderie, to ride together, and to discuss trends in the motorcycle world.

At some point during the meeting, a few individuals became involved in a dispute and eventually a scuffle broke out.

Rather than de-escalating the situation, there were dozens of SWAT officers outside in the parking lot.

The officers opened fire on the crowd of bikers outside the restaurant, killing nine of them, according to reports, even though many of the bikers were just trying to stop the fight.

Other mainstream media sources say the bikers “shot themselves,” putting out a steady stream of propaganda to make the cops look innocent.

To make matters worse, police have been trying to make the bikers out to be violent thugs and gang members.

While bikers have a common hobby and tend to look rough, they are far from typical violent gang members.

The bikers intend to protest “the actions of the Waco PD and Judges concerning the Assembly and meeting at Twin Peaks Restaurant on May 17.”

The facebook event says:

First Amendment & Redress Rally at the Courthouse in Waco. Protesting the actions of the Waco PD and Judges concerning the Assembly and meeting at Twin Peaks Restaurant On May 17 by the COC&I, US Defenders, and Independent Riders.

THE SONS OF LIBERTY RIDERS RC and Texas Biker Radio want everyone to Saddle Up we’re going to WACO June 7.

The Waco PD and other agencies involved has slandered every Biker in the state of Texas as gang members and criminals repeatedly. They’ve slander our charity work as if its a front for gangs. Say that to the people in need!

Independent Riders and Clubs For the DFW Area we will assemble at the Six Flags Mall Parking Lot adjacent to American Motorcycle on Division and 360. Assembly starts at 9:30 am and KSU at 11:00 am

For reasons we will explain this will be a “silent protest”. Make sure to bring signs.

Suggested signs “we are not criminals”- I’m not a gang member” – “free the innocent” – “we have the right to peaceably assemble” – “patches are freedom of expression” – “leather is not a weapon” – “we want answers” – “Don’t snipe me bro”- Be Creative

If the sign is attached to a stick make sure it is not too long or pointed. Don’t want to be accused of having a weapon.

Be friendly leave attitudes at home. If you rile easily stay at home..

Media Contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

We are requesting media embed with us for the ride down. In Waco we will have a press conference.

Watch the video below to get the full explanation of why police were illegally shooting the bikers:

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