Traveling Rt 80 West from PA to Ohio

We were traveling from PA to Ohio in a pack of cars when we spotted two state patrol cars on the left side of the road. Thought nothing of it because we were in the middle and traveling the same speed as every other car next to us. It was until a few minutes later I noticed a state police car fly up beside us and then abruptly slow down and drive in the passing lane directly next to us. He then pulls behind us and tailgates our car for a few miles before activating his lights. We pull off the side of the road and he approaches the car on my wife’s passenger side of the car and asks for her ID then mine with the normal paperwork. He explains he pulled us over for our window tint being to dark, even though it was professionally installed and met all requirements. Took all our info and returned to his car and as we sat along the road we saw cars with much darker tint pass by and didn’t understand why ours was in question when you can see clearly inside the car.
About 20 minutes later he approaches the car on my side and said he is only going to give me a warning and asked if I would step out of the car and go to the rear where he will explain everything to me. I agreed and stood in front of his patrol car when a second car pulls behind his and a second officer comes. They start questioning me where I’m going, why, how long am I staying etc etc. I am then asked to turn around and place my hands on his car and does a pat down. Has me turn back around and search my shoes. As he continues to question me the second officer approached my wife side of the car and has her exit the car and proceed to question her. I later learn the same questions.
Next thing I know they have her standing a few 100 feet away from the car and both officers approach me and ask if I have any guns, drugs, large sums of money and ask to search the car. Not knowing any better I consent and they begin to search every inch of the car from trunk to under the hood. Even remove the plastic cover that covers the engine. All together we were there for almost an hour before we were released to leave.
A few minutes later I see in the distance emergency lights go on then off, and approaching at a high rate of speed. This happen a number of times until it passed all the cars in front of them. It wasn’t long until the patrol car was now behind us and following us. He remained behind us for over 10 miles before a second patrol car was now behind us. We were panicking at this time not knowing what to expect. They eventually took an exit and we were no longer being followed.
It wasn’t until we got back home to PA where I educated myself on our RIGHTS and what to do and not to do when pulled over by the cops. We have since loaded the qik video and bambuster app on our iphone. In addition we are in the process of mounting a video recording system on our car possible from eye3mobile.
All I can say is everyone needs to educate themselves against the police and learn what they are allowed and not allowed to do. To know your rights and stand up to ensure your rights are not violated. EDUCATE YOURSELF and don’t become a victim!! A great site I found for self surveillance to protect yourself is

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