Trooper Harassed After Pulling Over Speeding Cop, Now Suing Over 100 Cops

FLORIDA — Officer Watts of the Florida Highway patrol has filed a lawsuit against over 100 cops for harassing her to the point of putting her in a life-threatening situation, according to reports.

It began one night when Watts noticed a vehicle speeding and swerving dangerously on the road as if the driver was drunk.

After leading Watts on an over 120 mph chase, Lopez was fired for his behavior.

After leading Watts on an over 120 mph chase, Lopez was fired for his behavior.

It turns out the vehicle was a police cruiser.

The officer inside was Fausto Lopez from Miami. When Watts attempted to pull him over, she was led on a blazing 120 mph chase for nearly 10 minutes.

Finally Lopez pulled over.

To his surprise, Officer Watts instructed him to exit his vehicle, at which point she disarmed him and placed him under arrest.

Officer Watts did her job by stopping him and arresting him just like she would any other citizen.

Lopez was then fired.

Officer Watts, however, soon found herself the victim of severe stalking, threats, and harassment.

It began with calls to her home from unknown numbers making threats to her.

Then, multiple police cruisers began lurking in front of her home at night.

Watts then found that her personal information was accessed by over 80 officers from 25 different jurisdictions in three months, with over 200 views of her profile.

Dashcam footage shows officer Watts doing her job and arresting the reckless cop.

Dashcam footage shows officer Watts doing her job and arresting the reckless cop.

The stalking and threats became so intense that the officer started to experience physical stress “when performing basic activities such as opening her mailbox, starting her ignition, or when being followed by a law enforcement vehicle for no apparent reason.”

According to the Associated Press, the various departments involved in the matter have asked the judge to throw out the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, officer Watts is still working for the Florida Highway Patrol.

She has been assigned duties in a different county in an attempt to ensure her safety.

We often hear that there are no longer any good cops.

Perhaps this is why.

When the good cops are consistent in performing their duties, not letting other officers get away with crimes for which citizens are punished, they are then intimidated or framed or even killed.

The phrase “a few bad apples” is exactly the reverse of the situation when it comes to police misconduct.

The reality is more surprising — that there exists a few good apples, in an otherwise abusive and corrupt institution.

Those good apples are quickly dealt with.

Watch the video of the trooper arresting the cop

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