Trump’s Video Game Violence Panel Features Police Trainer Who Says Lethal Force Leads to ‘The Best Sex’

President Donald Trump is hosting a discussion on violence in video games on Thursday — and it features a controversial police trainer who encourages cops to be more willing to use lethal force.

The Washington Post’s Radley Balko, who has written extensively on Grossman’s courses in the past, writes on Twitter that Grossman not only tells cops they should employ more lethal force, he also tells them that “after killing a man, they’ll have the best sex of their lives.”

Grossman is a police trainer who tells cops they should be using *more* lethal force, and that after killing a man, they’ll have the best sex of their lives.

In a Washington Post article on Grossman published last year, Balko noted that Grossman believes that officers ought to think of themselves more as warriors than as public servants — and he wants them to be always on edge about evil doers who are out to kill them.

“We fight violence,” Grossman tells students, according to a report on a class published by Mother Jones. “What do we fight it with? Superior violence. Righteous violence.”

The reason that Grossman is attending a panel on violence in video games is that he believes these games are literally training young people to become mass killers.

“From a military and law enforcement perspective, violent video games are ‘murder simulators’ that train kids to kill,” Grossman wrote in a 2013 article published by Variety. “They act just like police and military simulators, providing conditioned responses, killing skills and desensitization, except they are inflicted on children without the discipline of military and police training.”

And as Balko notes, Grossman believes so strongly in linking video games with mass shootings that he thinks people who deny the link are on par with Holocaust deniers.