TSA Confiscates 5-Yr-Old Child’s Disney Toy, Because It “Resembles Gun”



PHILADELPHIA, PA — A 5-yr-old child was left in tears after TSA, in the eyes of many, sunk to a low previously thought impossible.

The agents searched the child and took away his buzz light year toy.

Why? (Are you ready for this?) Because it “looked too much like a gun.”

The child and his family had been to Disney World.

The toy was purchased there. It’s the famous “flip grip” used by Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story.

“Once he realized what was happening and they weren’t giving his toy back, he immediately starts bawling, just tears streaming down his face,” the dad said.

“It was all I could do to not to break down with him in that moment,” he continued.

What kind of harm were they imagining this boy could cause?

Did they think pilots would break down and surrender control of the plane to the child if they saw his toy?

Nobody knows.

The parents have a filed a complaint.

Check out the video below: