Victim of vandalism, cops then attempted to murder me

I live in the town of Clinton Tennessee.

I own some rental properties in my neighborhood, and was evicting someone, so they went to one of my other properties and started vandalizing it. One of these vandals a male age 20 had been in trouble with the police before for petty crimes the other had just turned 18 and was a young female. She was doing doughnuts in the yard at the property in her car. When the police arrived the to officers witnessed the people vandalizing my property. The female started crying to the police officer and telling him she had never been in trouble before and pleading for his sympathy. The two officers then came and told me that they would not file a report they would not press charges on her for vandalizing my property, and that I needed to drop the whole thing walkaway and absorbed the damages. I insisted that something be done to correct the damage to my property the officers then became threatening and verbally abusive. I went to the police station and filed a report with the supervisor who threatened me with bodily harm and false arrest for filing a report.
Six months went by one of the officers shows up at my house at 8:15 AM when I came to the door and greeted me reaching for his weapon and screaming at the top of his lungs “do you have a problem with me” I replied yes I do you are now felon you have just committed aggravated assault get off my property I’m calling the police. I proceeded to call the Police Department and his supervisor who had previously threatened me came to my home and refused to file a report what this officer had done. There was no reason for him to come to my home there was no reason for him to come here and threaten me. So I went to the chief of police where I was told that if I wanted police protection my town I would sit down shut up and mind my own business.

So I went to the city manager who then told me that he heard the officer was coming here to threaten me over the dispatch radio and he made no effort to stop him.( This is a violation of title 18 US 2381)and about eight other of my rental properties my mother lives in she is 70 years old, that property was burglarized and the burglars were caught their and we called the police. The police said that my mother could not prove that they were burglars. I owned the property I had a lease with my mother and I had other evidence to prove that my mother lived there. These officers were refusing to protect me and my family in retribution for my complaints about them not protecting my property.( they allowed my mother to be robbed and told me to take my mother somewhere else until I have evicted the burglars) I refuse to do this. Finally the burglars left the next day with the police officers Sgt. Stokes permission they returned and now they have changed their drivers licenses to show that as a residence. these two individuals were on hard drugs And they started assaulting my mother so my entire family came with cameras, I had pneumonia I am a diabetic with high blood pressure and I am partially crippled, so physically I am no threat to these young healthy burglars.
After multiple calls to the police they responded because my mother was bleeding from an assault you would think this was clear cut and dry the police are going to arrest the burglars now. But that is not what happened when the burglars realized the police are going to arrest them one of them said I stepped on their foot, that is not a true statement I did not step on anyone’s foot I only shielded my mother from their physical assault using my back and blocking a door so they could not get to her.this was all done on video but the batteries were dying on my camera after several hours of drama.
The police decided to arrest me for assaulting the burglar. I was arrested at 11 AM I was not allowed to take my lunch medications and I was not allowed to eat. At dinner time they fed the other inmates and they did not feed me nor was I given my evening medications for my diabetes and my high blood pressure among pneumonia in my weakened immune system even though my family had brought those medications and begged them to give them to me because of the frailty of my health. when they had taken me into the jail one of the officers I had filed the complaint on previously told the jailers to give me special treatment and I believe that’s what resulted in happening.The next day at 6 AM I was given I cot that had black mold growing on it and placed in a cell three other inmates and only two beds. I had nowhere to sit I had nowhere to lay down I can only stay in the wheelchair which was hurting my legs because it was for someone much smaller than me.

They held me for 48 hours before they would allow me to bond out for assaulting a burglar.Normally I would be able to bond out but the police officer did not fill out the paperwork for 24 hours so I could not bond out I was denied my blood pressure medication my diabetes medication the steroids I have to take for my immune system was also denied my antibiotics which I’d only been taken for two days I’m a diabetic with high blood pressure and a heart condition. my medications had been stable for 14 years unchanging As a result of the kidnapping and assault against me when I was denied my medications including my nitroglycerin. as a result my health has deteriorated I have had to add two more diabetes medications one more blood pressure medication.(my diabetes is now uncontrollable) They held me for 48 hours denying me a bed, or even the basics that a POW would’ve had I was being tortured using my physical ailments and illnesses. My diabetes blood sugars at the end of the first day were so high that I could not see six months of antibiotics to get rid of the pneumonia because the first series of antibiotics were not allowed to be completed properly.

This did a lot of damage to my immune system and I’m now running blood sugars over 300 every day prior to what they did to me my blood sugar would stay under 200. In January of 2013 at the January city Council meeting I went to complain about the way I had been treated and what had been done to me. The next day to police officers, mamba threaten me and give me a citation for the car parked on my property claiming my car was junk. Two days later Thursday, February 1, three police cars block my car in including one of the officers that I had filed the complaint against in the initial vandalism complaint but not the one that threatened me this time he is with his supervisor and another unidentified officer and they let me know that I needed life insurance. This was not an official stop I had broken no laws I committed no crime they were just letting me know that I needed life insurance. To me this sounds very much like they were threatening my life this was done by officer Lawson of the Clinton Police Department officer Bailey of the Clinton Police Department Sgt. Stokes of the Clinton Police Department officer kidwell of the Clinton Police Department.