Video: Ohio Police Officer Kills Friendly Dog That He Lured to Him


Alliance Ohio Police Officer Josh Tenney actions were captured on his Body Worn Camera when he summoned the friendly dog to him only to shoot it dead.

A few minutes before the dogs’ owners had noticed his dogs were not in the yard and began searching for them only to find his dog China laying on the ground mortally wounded and dying, from shots fired from Tenney who claims the dogs were going to attack him.

The video starts with Tenney in his vehicle approaching a local auto parts store, the Body Worn Camera only captures the video and no audio of a brief exchange between Tenney and an unknown civilian, a few seconds later the audio is activated. Tenney can be heard calling the dogs with here puppy, puppy and he also whistles and claps. The dogs want nothing to do with him and move away from him in the direction of a do it yourself carwash.
Tenney continues to summon the dogs when China the largest of the three comes running towards him tail wagging in direct response to him calling her. This is when the smaller of the three dogs then attempts to slow China down to be the first dog to get whatever Tenney has for them.

This behavior is normal for this breed as well many others and is by no means a display of aggression towards a human, it is simply dog play.
Not know this or simply not caring Tenney can then be seen raising his pistol and killing China, for coming when he called her and for no other reason.

Local media reports that the spokesperson for the Alliance police claim that there were reports of the dog biting someone, yet no official report nor the imaginary victim has been presented.

This is simply another cases of a scared cop killing a friendly dog because he was SCARED.