Video Shows Cops Shoot Citizen They Say Had a Knife, Parents Outraged

The parents of a man who was shot and killed by Santa Maria police officers have filed a lawsuit against the department, the city and a number of officers involved in the shooting, seeking monetary damages and increased crisis training for the police department following the deadly altercation.

Annabelle Bamforth | The Free Thought Project

As previously reported, Javier Garcia Gaona Jr., 31, was shot by police officers last July during a standoff outside of a gas station in Santa Maria. The standoff ensued when police were dispatched to Gaona’s location following a report of a man “shouting obscenities, holding a knife and making slicing motions to his throat and chest,” according to the Lompoc Record.

Police officers said after their arrival, verbal negotiations between Gaona, police and the FBI were unsuccessful. Officers further claimed that lethal force was necessary following nonlethal attempts because Gaona was “lunging” at officers. 

Several police officers were present at the shooting, and Gaona was ultimately hit 14 times with live ammunition. He later died after being transported to a hospital.

The Santa Maria Police Department offered the following statement following the shooting:

“The man continued to hold the knife in a threatening manner. Officers attempted to subdue the man using less than lethal means. Several attempts to subdue him in this manner had no effect. The man began stabbing himself then charged at officers with the knife at which point he was shot by officers.”

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