Video Shows Elderly Grandpa Attacked and Tased by Officers


BUDA, TX — It would not be the first time Officer Demerriel Young has been accused of excessive force.

Less than a year ago he made headlines when he threw a 73-yr-old veteran to the ground after a verbal dispute.

Now he’s in the news again, and the victim is another elderly person.

Leonard Garcia was going through a custody arrangement with the mother of his grandchildren, and police officers Young and Metz were in the house at the time to oversee the arrangement.

At some point during the incident Garcia stood up to remove his overcoat.

It was an innocent action, but police demanded that Garcia return to the couch.

Garcia evidently did not take kindly to the demand, and replied “This is my house!”

Moments later Officer Young physically forced Garcia into the couch and that is when Garcia was subjected to injuries.

The other officer joined in to further subdue Garcia.

The phrase “stop resisting” can be heard in the video, though it does not appear that Garcia, being a senior citizen, was putting up any significant resistance.

That said, there are moments where Garcia appears to squirm while the officers are forcing him down, likely due to the discomfort of the position he was in.

Eventually the officers deployed a taser on him.

The ordeal has led to both the officers and the city being sued for a violation of Garcia’s Fourth Amendment rights.

Watch the video below: