Video Shows Houston Officer Kicking Suspect After Shooting Him

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Cell phone video obtained by KHOU 11 News Friday captures the moments a Houston police officer kicked a man he had just shot.

The video led a grand jury to indict former HPD officer Bruce Johnson for how he handled a burglary suspect he caught at his own home.

Johnson had just shot the man who’s pictured lying in the grass after investigators say that man — Derek Carr — had broken into his home.

Prosecutors say Johnson was angry and delivered repeated blows to Carr after he was down.

We counted at least 10 of them. Some are more brutal and vicious than others.

All these led to prosecutors charging Johnson with a misdemeanor assault. He faces a felony charge as well for tampering with evidence.

A contractor working in that northwest Houston neighborhood saw what was going on that February day and took out her cell phone to record the whole thing.

Perhaps, though, what’s most troubling is heard at the end of the video. Johnson is heard saying, “Y’all gonna call the police?” To which the contractor says, “Aren’t you the police?” Johnson responds: “Yeah.”

Johnson spent more than 23 years with HPD before retiring a month after the incident.

Johnson turned himself into authorities Friday but will not go through probable cause court.

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