Video Shows Police Holding Children at Gunpoint


“Now they’re saying they don’t like the police,” Ikeshia Quinn says.

Ikeshia is the mother of two teens who were recently seen on video being held at gunpoint by officers.

“They don’t want to be involved with the police. They should’ve been approached differently because they are young boys. They had basketballs in their hands.”

Officer Caleb Johnson can be seen in the video approaching the group of teens and pulling out his firearm, ordering them to get on the ground.

Some of the teens did not obey the order right away, likely because they were confused as to what was happening and taken by surprise.

Another teen can be heard asking the cop to not point a gun at them.
And another can be heard pleading with the officer, “Don’t shoot me!”

As the body camera footage begins, Officer Caleb Johnson pulls up to the boys and immediately points his weapon at them and demands they get on the ground.

“Get on the ground!” Johnson tells the boys.

Apparently the children had been playing basketball, and were not involved in any criminal activity.

The mother said she didn’t mean to be disrespectful to the police but was just afraid that her children were going to be harmed.

The police claim that the children “matched a description” of a suspect they were looking for.

Watch the video below: