Ville Platte Deputy Shoots Father of Three in Back on Outing with Girlfriend


Mamou, LA-According to sources close to the family of DeJuan Guillory, Paul Holden LaFluer, a local Ville Platte deputy, stopped father and concrete business owner, DeJuan Guillory and his girlfriend, Dequince Erin Brown.

The new couple were on a 4-wheeler in a rural area about a mile from Mamou, “frogging.” According to a source close to the family, after an altercation between DeJuan and LaFleur, deputy LaFleur shot DeJuan Guillory four times in the back. The family went to the scene but were not allowed to view the body.

DeJuan’s sister, Kiera Guillory, former law enforcement officer, says that State Police at the local police station were unhelpful in the family’s search for DeJuan’s body. Both DeJuan’s sister and mother worked in law enforcement in the area for over 22 years.

A source close to the family said that DeJuan had been shot in the back while laying on the ground. According to the Louisiana State Police, who are currently investigating this officer-involved shooting, the Ville Platte deputy responded to an attempted burglary call in the town of Mamou Thursday morning at roughly 4:10 a.m.,. Speculation has run rampant about the reason LaFleur was in the area; however, the family maintains that LaFleur was where he shouldn’t have been which is why he claimed to have been responding to a burglary call.

The Guillory family, well-known in the small town, believe that the burglary call was either a bogus claim or someone called the police because they saw the couple frogging. DeJuan had just been paid on two big concrete contracts. He was seen earlier that night by friends and family in good spirits about his new girlfriend, successful career and positive outlook. Family and friends of Guillory said he was finally in a place where things were going well and he had no reason to burglarize anyone.

The consensus from those close to Guillory is that he was a loving father of three boys, and beloved family man, stellar athlete, and fun ‘country-boy,’ who people loved to be around. He was righting his wrongs. He could be successful at anything he put his mind to, and he was doing just that.

During the struggle, the deputy was injured and was taken to a local hospital. Officials did not provide details regarding his injury. However the family has learned that he has been discharged from the hospital. When investigators from Louisiana State Police arrived at the scene, they arrested Dequince E. Brown, 21, of Church Point in connection with the case. Brown, who witnessed the entire situation, was arrest by investigators and then charged with attempted first degree murder of a police officer. She was booked into the Evangeline Parish Jail but has since been moved. The family is not aware of where she is being held.

The Family is being represented by Attorney Pride Dorian of Doran & Cawthorne, P.L.L.C.