Virginia Police Officer Charged With Rape and Assault

Khurram Chaudhary

Virginia – An Alexandria police officer has been placed on leave without pay after his arrest on domestic violence charges in Prince William County. The department has revoked the police powers of Khurram Chaudhary, 31, of Woodbridge. He’s been with Alexandria Police for nearly four years.

Chaudhary is accused of sexually assaulting a 30-year-old woman, along with other domestic incidents between June 2017 and January 2018 in the Woodbridge area, according to Prince William County Police. In another incident, the victim told police a verbal altercation escalated into Chaudhary allegedly throwing a caustic substance onto her, burning her face, hands, and feet. The other incident involved Chaudhary allegedly pushing her and pressing a knife against her back. She was not injured in this altercation.

Chaudhary was arrested and charged with rape, malicious wounding with a caustic substance and assault and battery by Prince William County Police on Friday, March 16. Alexandria Police placed him on leave that day.

“The things he was investigated for happened in Prince William County,” Alexandria Police spokesperson Crystal Nosal told Patch.

Alexandria Police had been investigating a separate internal complaint against Chaudhary last week when the domestic violence allegations came to light. The department contacted Prince William County Police to conduct a criminal investigation with Alexandria detectives.

Nosal could not comment on the specific details of the internal complaint in the Alexandria Police Department. “Ours is ongoing at this point to determine if anything illegal happened in the City of Alexandria,” she said.

Chaudhary is being held without bond. A court date has not been set.