War On Reality: Another Cop Has Faked an Ambush on Himself – and Threw In a Bomb Threat Too


Max Chantha | November 21, 2015

MASSACHUSETTS – It would seem that police propaganda regarding the War on Drugs is not sufficiently fooling the public, evidenced by a bizarre trend of cops staging attacks on themselves.

Sadly for cops like Bryan Johnson of the Millis police department, these wannabe warrior cops are not as skilled in theatrics as they are in oppression.

Johnson sparked a huge – and taxpayer costly – manhunt after he radioed in being fired on from a maroon pickup truck that supposedly fled into the woods, and then destroyed his own cruiser.

The subsequent pursuit of his imagined attacker terrified local residents who were forced to stay inside.

Clearly not satisfied with making Millis citizens fear a gunman was lurking around in their community, he moved on to threatening their children.

The same day Johnson began his fantasy war, he also called in a bomb threat to Millis High School, spreading the toxic but invented terror necessary to make him look like a victim, and the Millis community a target.

Johnson has been charged with a slew of crimes revolving around him firing his weapon unnecessarily in a residential area, calling in a false bomb threat, making a false police report, and destruction of property, for which he might face over forty years in prison – and these charges will be decided in Superior Court.

Johnson is one of many that have adopted (unsuccessfully) the tactic of giving substance to their own unrealistic vision of a nation that both hates and needs them, framing themselves as some caste of unsung warriors.

By framing himself as a victim and Millis as a target, he tried to not only garner sympathy and support for himself, but create a threat to the town that would in turn justify Johnson and his department’s existence – and perhaps a surge in their funding.

This type of false flag attack, while poorly executed and neatly backfiring, is truly a threat to the security of America and the integrity of law enforcement.

When police start staging crimes and thereby creating a self-sustaining cycle, they can no longer be trusted.

Max Chantha is a writer and investigative journalist interested in covering incidences of government injustice, at home and abroad. He is a current university student studying Global Studies and Professional Writing. Check out Max Chantha: An Independent Blog for more of his work.