WATCH: 9 Year Old Autistic Indiana Boy Arrested For Standing Up To Bullies

An Indiana father was furious after his 9 year old son was arrested for defending himself against bullies at his elementary school.

Ronnie Shepherd says his son, who has autism, was defending himself against bullies who hit him on the playground, reported WRTV.

Shepherd said the bullying was an ongoing problem that school staff refused to address.

“Another student was bullying my son several times and he actually told the principal and a lot of staff members here who are in charge of recess about the bullying and they didn’t take no steps to make it safe,” he told ABC 6.

“He’s watched the video several times. He still talks about it. He’s pretty traumatized over the whole ordeal. Any 9-year-old that’s being arrested, they don’t know what’s going on,” said Shepperd.

Shepperd said his son was held for about 20 minutes at the Johnson County Juvenile Detention Center and then released to him. The boy was initially charged as a juvenile with battery and criminal mischief, but the charges were dropped.

The boy’s father said this incident happened a few months ago, but he decided it was time to share video of his son’s arrest so parents know what’s happening in school.

NY Daily News reported that when a teacher tried to break up the altercation, Shepperd’s son allegedly tried to choke the teacher. Another school employee on the playground had to break the fight up and the principal called police.