WATCH: Afghan Muslim Officer Files Complaint Accusing San Francisco Police Department of Discrimination

SAN FRANCISCO — An Afghan Muslim officer has filed a formal complaint against the San Francisco Police Department, alleging he has been a target of discrimination because of his religion and ethnicity.

The officer, who does not want to be identified for fear of retaliation, said he was repeatedly accused by colleagues of being a terrorist, received taunts such as being called a “sand n___” and added that he was asked if his bag contained “RPGs and bombs.”

The officer said the epithets came after he left the police academy and was assigned to the SFPD Central Station.

He said someone drew an ISIS flag on his locker with the words “Go back.”

San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi filled in the details, saying it started soon after he joined the Department in 2016.

“His supervising officer asking him about his background and then saying, “You know any towel heads?” Adachi said.

The officer also says he witnessed others using racial profanity when referring to other minorities, especially African Americans. “I experienced racial and religious harassment and also witnessed blatant misconduct against citizens,” the officer said during the press conference.

Last November, he reported the harassment to Internal Affairs, asking that the officers go through implicit bias training.

He says investigators leaked his complaint.

“Since making a complaint, I have been labeled a rat, singled out by my colleagues and I now fear for my safety.”

The complainant revealed he still wants to remain on the force and that the only reason he’s finally come out publicly is that he wants officers at the San Francisco Police Department to get proper training against bias.

The department issued a written response saying it takes the allegations very seriously and will conduct a thorough investigation, saying further in the past three years SFPD has implemented a number of measures including implicit bias and procedural justice training.”

Since that press conference Tuesday morning it has been revealed that the officer filing the complaint was in the Oakland Police Academy prior to joining the San Francisco Police Academy. Sources told ABC7 News the officer did not finish the academy there but it is not yet clear why.