WATCH: Alarming Video Shows Cop Taser Man for Voicing his Concern Over a Woman’s Rough Arrest

July 23, 2015

Denton, TX — A disturbing video was uploaded to Twitter yesterday that shows a heated arrest ending with a man being tasered.

“After actually witnessing police brutality I look at that (expletive) a whole different way bro smh #DentonTx,” the accompanying tweet reads.

According to police, they were called to the scene after receiving reports of a naked woman holding a child. Upon their arrival, they found a woman on the second-floor balcony wrapped in a blanket, and the good samaritan, 26-year-old Marcus Coleman holding the child.

As officers approached the woman, they determined that she was “in an altered state and needed a medical evaluation.” In an attempt get this woman help, police began to assault her.

When Coleman witnessed police react to the woman, who did not want to be arrested, with violent escalation, he became emotionally charged. The woman is screaming for help as two officers attempt to subdue her. “Someone help me, please!” she screams.

Coleman, who was obviously disturbed by the violent scene, began pleading with the officers to stop being so rough.

“We’re just people,” Coleman pleads. “I’m innocent and you’re trying to shoot me.”

Police claim that Coleman then rushed police, by pushing and attempting to force his way past the cops, and an officer was forced to taser him. The video, however, never shows this alleged “pushing” of the officer.

The man filming does switch back and forth between the woman and Coleman, but when the camera pans back to Coleman, we can see the significant distance between him and the officer.

“Look, man, look! She needs help,” screams Coleman just before his concern is met with 50,000 volts.

“[Coleman] ignored the officer’s orders and tried to push his way past the officer to get to the officers and female on the ground,” read the statement from Denton PD. “When [Coleman] tried to get past the officer, he deployed his taser bringing [Coleman] to the ground.”

After the taser was deployed, his body locks up, and Coleman falls face first onto the rail of the second-floor balcony. He was then arrested and charged with interfering with public duties.

The video was shot by 18-year-old Jeremy Jones, who was visiting relatives in an apartment complex near the motel. He said he shot the video Wednesday afternoon as he walked past a motel in Denton. He said he heard a woman screaming from a balcony and saw two officers trying to restrain her, so he pulled out his phone and captured the following video.


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