[WATCH] Army Veteran Kneels Outside Pennsylvania Police Stations to Protest Brutality

A U.S. Army veteran set out on a trip across Pennsylvania taking a knee at several police stations within the state to protest police brutality while playing the National Anthem.

Chris Mueller, 32, has been a one-man roving protest and says he wants to “piss off” as many people as he can while bringing attention to an important issue.

“At three in the morning one day a couple weeks back, I was trying to think of a way to piss as many people as I can off to draw attention to an important issue,” he told PhillyVoice.

Mueller has protested in Upper Moreland, Abington, Cheltenham, Philadelphia and other places while wearing a “Don’t Tread on Me” T-shirt along with an Uncle Sam hat and says he hopes his peaceful method of protest will inspire departments to engage citizens who’re afraid of police officers in their communities.

“This is a peaceful protest.”

“We’re supposed to peacefully protest for things we believe in in America.”

U.S. Army Veteran Chris Mueller Hopes His Protests Will Inspire Others To ‘Take A Knee’ Outside Local Police Stations Across The Country As Part Of A Peaceful Protest Against Police Brutality.
Upon arriving at his protest destinations, Mueller sets up his phone to record videos to post to his Facebook page then takes a knee saluting the flag and playing the national anthem through boombox speakers.

At City Hall in Philadelpha, Mueller played the Jimi Hendrix version, which can be heard in one of his protests videos below.

Mueller hopes his actions of aligning with other anthem-kneelers will bolster the cause among his peers and remind them taking a knee isn’t protesting the nation, the flag or the military and said he thinks Colin Kaepernick is a patriot for taking a knee during the anthem before NFL games.

“Colin Kaepernick was using the platform he had to bring attention to police brutality and they misrepresented what he was trying to say to further separate and divide us,” Mueller explained.

“Kaepernick is being 100 percent patriotic by standing up for what he believes in.”

“I’d like to see people doing this everywhere,” he added.

In June, Mueller drove up and down Broad Street with fake body bags displayed in the back of his pick up truck to raise awareness about PTSD for veterans returning from war.

Source: https://photographyisnotacrime.com/2017/10/watch-army-veteran-kneels-outside-pennsylvania-police-stations-protest-brutality/

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