[WATCH] Body Cam Footage of Louisville Officers Firing at Man Does Not Quiet Critics

Body camera footage released after Louisville officers shot and killed a man has not convinced critics that the shooting was justified.

The three videos released Tuesday show two officers firing at least five shots as 24-year-old Corey Boykin Jr. came out of a business on Fern Valley Road allegedly armed with a handgun. Boykin Jr. was transported to the hospital, where he died Sunday night.

The officers were identified in a press conference Monday by LMPD Chief Steve Conrad as John Dillon and Nick Ulery. When they entered the building following the shooting, they found a victim inside the building that was bound, duct-taped. The victim had pistol-whipped injuries, LMPD Major Frank Hardison said in a press conference.

LMPD also released a picture of the gun Boykin Jr. was armed with at the time of the shooting. Hardison did not comment on if the gun was loaded.

“It is only through a thorough and complete investigation that we can fully ensure that deadly force was justified and that all of our policies and procedures and training were followed,” Conrad said in a press conference.

Dillon and Ulery have been placed on administrative leave as the shooting remains under investigation.

Protestors gathered outside Metro Hall on Tuesday and voiced their concerns about the shooting. Black Lives Matter of Louisville posted on a statement on Facebook.

“Louisville Metro Police Department are running a negative narrative about their last murdered victim #CoreyBoykin,” BLM posted. “I think they can count on the people they murdered not having a narrative, a story, a life. They want you to know think that when they kill someone, that it’s a person’s life that can just be thrown away. Corey had a voice. And he let the world hear it.”

Stand Up Sunday-Stand Up Louisville, which organized the protest, said the gun was not visible in the body cam footage, and officers claimed there was a gun only after firing first.

Source: http://www.kentucky.com/news/state/article178215961.html