WATCH: Body Cams Capture Controversial Arrest in Macomb County

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – Four people were arrested last week and claimed police brutality against Macomb County Deputies. Now, the sheriff’s office has released body cam and dashboard video of the scuffle.

Phone video was released last week that showed a chaotic scene near Walnut Road in Mount Clemens. The officers say they were attacked while four young adults who were arrested say they are victims of police brutality.

The Macomb County Sheriff’s Department says a deputy was attacked and injured Wednesday night after pulling over a vehicle. The department says the vehicle was pulled over because it looked as if someone threw narcotics out of it.

When the deputy pulled the car over, 22-year-old Jonathan Hadley immediately gets out of the car and the officer chases after him. The female driver chased after them and Sheriff Anthony Wickersham said she attacked the deputy.

Investigators say once the deputy caught 22-year-old Jonathan Hadley, 19-year-old Yahaira Elisea Moreno attacked him. Then, according to the sheriff’s department, Hadley’s brother Jordan Herrod joined in.

“The driver, female driver, gets out and jumps on the back of my deputy and starts assaulting him,” he said.

Body cam released on Tuesday doesn’t show the attack but you can hear it.

Investigators say the deputy fought back and hit the woman. They said her boyfriend, 20-year-old Jordan Herrod, came out of the house and also attacked the deputy for hitting his girl.

“His girl got hit because she was jumping on the back of the deputy and he was fighting for his life,” Wickersham said.

The second woman involved is Diamond Smith. She was getting her baby out of the car and tried to take the diaper bag out, too. But police told her no.

“Don’t touch anything in that car…” the deputy can be heard saying.

She’s also taken into custody while officers handed the baby to the family at the home. They were clearly disgusted and asked if the baby was going to jail, too.

Jonathan Hadley, Sr. told FOX 2 last week that his son was the one who walked away from the deputy, was trying to get him out of bed.

“I get woke up and the cops are beating the (expletive) out of my children,” he said.

He says his two sons and the two women arrested were victims of police brutality.

However, Sheriff Wickersham said deputies didn’t do anything wrong.

“I’ve looked at all of the video. We’ve reviewed it and I believe all of my deputies acted within accordance with our policies and procedures and our use of force,” he said.

Wickersham says investigators did not find narcotics in the car but they smelled it. They say they are still hoping to talk to another man in the car who they said walked away during the melee.

“We went through everything, the deputies checked everything, we didn’t find any contraband,” Wickersham said.

Hadley Sr. said last week that he plans on filing a complaint against the sheriff’s department. In the meantime, all four are due to appear in court. Two of the suspects face four year felonies, two are charged with two year felonies.