WATCH: Bodycam Shows Naked Man Fatally Shot by Richmond Police Officer

Police tased and then fatally shot a naked man after a confrontation on a Virginia highway earlier this month.

Richmond police released the body camera footage of the May 14 incident today.

The footage shows police approaching a car that had been driven off a highway, with an officer ordering the driver to stay in the car.

The officer is heard telling someone on a radio that the person “seems to be mentally unstable.”

Moments later, the naked driver, later identified as Marcus-David Peters, runs out of the car towards the highway. He was struck by a car and begins rolling around the highway.

The approaching officer is seen holding a yellow taser. Peters gets up from the ground and starts walking towards the officer. He is heard saying “back the f— up… put the taser down or I’ll kill you.”

He does not appear to be holding anything in his hands and appears unarmed.

Peters, 24, then rushes the officer, with the officer yelling for him to back up. At that point in the video, it appears the officer has the yellow taser in his left hand and a black handgun in his right. Two shots are fired, and then Peters runs away from the officer.

Once the two men are separated and another law enforcement officer appears to ask the officer if he tased Peters. The officer wearing the body camera says “I tried to but it didn’t work,” before radioing in “shots fired.” As he and the other law enforcement officer start to walk towards Peters, who had collapsed on the ground at that point, the officer shouts “f—!”

Richmond police chief Alfred Durham said that the investigation is ongoing and asked the community for their patience, the Associated Press reports.

Peters’ sister Princess Blanding spoke to the media after the police chief released the video today, telling reporters that her brother had no known mental health issues, the AP reports.

“I cannot diagnose my brother, as he’s not here to be diagnosed,” Blanding said, the AP reported. “However, he was clearly in distress and in need of help, and the help was not rendered.”


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