WATCH: Bodycam Shows Utah Cop Use Taser on Attacking Dog

Police in Utah have released disturbing video of a dog being tasered by a police officer who was called to investigate a domestic dispute.

According to the St. George Police Department officers were dispatched to a home after a 911 operator answered a call and heard arguing in the background before the female caller hung up.

Soon after a local taxi service alerted police that they had been called to the same home to pick up an intoxicated male who was ‘beating up’ the female, said the department, ABC7 reported.

As officers approach the house in the May 3 incident, a man police identified as Willie Mosher, the woman and a dog can be seen at the door.

The dog, named Champ, then runs out of the house and onto the yard as Mosher and an officer begin talking.

As the dog mills around in the background, Mosher tells the officer the woman is ‘jacked up’. Mosher tries to call the dog over but it continues to sniff around the yard, as a second officer pulls up to the home.

The dog barks and then runs up to the second officer walking up to the home, who tries to evade its advances and orders Mosher to restrain the animal.

It attempted to bite the officer during that interaction, the police department said in a news release. Over the next several minutes, the officers repeatedly tell Mosher to get the dog into the home after it runs around the yard.

Later in the clip, Mosher and an officer can be seen talking and bodycam footage shows the officer walking towards them as the dog runs advances to him.

The officers bodycam show the dog jumping at him and barking as they shout at Mosher to ‘grab him’.

As the woman shouts ‘don’t hurt the dog’ the animal advances to one of the officers while the other then fires his taser at it.

Champ, doubles up howling in pain in pain and then runs out of the frame and down the street.

‘You’re lucky your dog didn’t get killed,’ the first officer told Mosher. ‘We gave you plenty of opportunities to get that dog down.’

His colleague added: ‘I just about shot your damn dog. I came this close to freaking shooting it. You need to control that thing.’

Mosher continues to ask the officers about the dog’s whereabouts as they for information about the argument.

Champ was eventually captured by an animal control officer.

The city’s legal department deemed the dog vicious and ordered to be euthanized, though was ordered to be reviewed.


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