WATCH: Castleberry School District Officials in Texas Investigate Video of Officer Shoving Student

RIVER OAKS, Texas – School administrators placed a school resource officer on leave after a video of the officer pushing a student into a wall was shared on Facebook.

A 30-second video capturing a portion of the incident was posted on Facebook on Thursday, the same day the incident occurred inside a classroom at Castleberry High School, according to an administration official.

It is difficult to understand what is being said but the video shows the officer approaching the student and the student standing up.

Then the video shows the officer pushing the student into a wall and restraining him with his hands. Another student is standing nearby as the officer continues to restrain the student he pushed. Other students in the classroom are sitting in their chairs while some others can be seen standing.

John Ramos, Castleberry school district superintendent, said officials are aware of the incident and are investigating.

“As it involves a personnel matter I will only be able to give limited comment,” Ramos said in an emailed statement. “The employee in the video is on administrative leave pending an investigation into the matter by the district. If any action on the district’s part is appropriate, it will be taken.”

The employee is a school resource officer, employed by Castleberry schools and is not a River Oaks Police Department officer serving as school resource officer, according to a post by the River Oaks Police Department.

Ramos did not say how long an investigation might take.

“Right now we can’t speak on a timeline,” Ramos said. “We need to interview all the appropriate individuals who were present during the incident.”

Typically, school resource officers patrol school district grounds and the surrounding area, Ramos said. Resource officers also assist teachers when they are asked for help, Ramos said.

Ramos did not comment on whether a teacher asked the officer for help with an ongoing disciplinary event in the classroom.

“We take the safety and security of our students very seriously,” Ramos said. “The district took action swiftly by placing the employee on administrative leave as soon as the matter was made known to us.”