WATCH: Chicago Police Release Video of Cop Standing on Neck of Suspect Who Died During Arrest

Heriberto Godinez being held down by police — (Dashcam screen grab)

Two Chicago police officers have been placed on desk duty after authorities finally released dashcam video showing one of them standing on the neck of a suspect who died following the encounter last July.

According to WGN, 24-year-old Heriberto Godinez died as he was being arrested on suspicion of burglary near a garage on the south side of the town.

In dashcam video finally released by Chicago police after months of wrangling and delays, Godinez is seen thrashing on the ground and kicking his legs as officers take him into custody.

After police back-up arrives, one officer can be seen placing his foot of Godinez’s face and neck pressing him into the ground. Godinez later died at the scene

The Cook County medical examiner’s office determined that Godinez had cocaine and alcohol in his system, but did not specify that they were the cause of his death.

According to Godinez’s family, they blame police brutality.

“The police should be ashamed of themselves,” Godinez’s sister, Janet, said. “They treated my brother worse than animal. My brother was hiding, my brother was scared.”

Newly sworn-in Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson apologized to the family, saying that the two officers have been taken off street duty pending the outcome of an investigation;

“The actions by two officers in the video are concerning, and as a result, I have removed them from operational duties pending the outcome of IPRA’s thorough investigation,” he said.

An attorney for the family said they would be filing a federal civil rights/wrongful death lawsuit next week.