WATCH: Cleveland Police Shocked Man With Taser and Arrested Him for No Reason

Video obtained by shows a Cleveland cop shocking a man with a Taser even after the man complied with police commands.

The 2010 video shows Rafael Correa walking along a sidewalk when a police cruiser pulled up in front of him, and Officer Jim Simone Jr. exited the cruiser and pulled a gun on Correa.

Twenty eight year old Correa was ordered to get on the ground, remove the shirt from around his neck, along with his backpack, and put his hands in the air. Correa immediately complied with all of the officer’s commands, but was still shocked with a Taser that the officer is holding in his other hand.

While Correa was still unconscious, two additional officers arrived on the scene and began a search of the man.

Cops were searching for a weapon because Correa had been kicked out of a nightclub and an employee reported that he might be armed.

The police search turned up no weapons or other contraband, so Correa was shocked for absolutely no reason.

Later two more officers arrived on the scene of the incident, even though no crime had been committed. The officers laughed and joked with one another as Correa was checked by paramedics.

Worst of all, Correa was arrested and held for four days on charges of assault, obstructing official business and disturbing the peace. He was officially charged with obstructing official business, a charge that was later dropped.

Correa sued the department and settled the lawsuit for $100,000.

Watch the video below: