WATCH: Colorado Cops Make Brutal Arrest Over LEGAL Marijuana

Marijuana is legal in Colorado… at least if the police decide to treat it as legal. But recently, Aspen police have attacked a teenager who had the herb. Now, the department is doubling down and defending their extreme use of force against the teen who allegedly rolled a joint at a bus stop.

The arrest was captured on video by bystanders. Watch the video below…

The recording clearly shows the student pushed violently against the wall of a bus shelter. Cops then slam him to the ground, while one officer in particular seems to try to grind the teen’s head into the ground from behind his ear.

The 16-year-old can be heard screaming that he hasn’t done anything illegal.

Officers just yell for him to “stop resisting.”

Police Chief Richard Pryor says “it’s difficult” for people to “understand” the police perspective, but he stands by the officers caught on video and says they “responded appropriately.”

He says the use of marijuana at the bus stop is illegal, even though marijuana is legal in Colorado, since it is “close to several schools.”