[WATCH] Cop With 6 Prior On-Duty Collisions Plows into Car at 104mph Causing the Driver a Traumatic Brain Injury

Dashcam footage reveals the shocking moment a speeding sheriff’s deputy plowed into a Smart Car at 104mph on a Florida highway, severely injuring its driver.

Palm Beach County Deputy Brandon Hegele slammed into the back of 61-year-old Harry Deshommes in May 2016 and will appear in court August 28 on charges of reckless driving and causing serious bodily injury to another.

Indeed, this is the sixth time that Deputy Hegele has been involved in an on-duty collision, with reports of falling asleep at the wheel and crashing into a median being filed.

These incidents have resulted in tens of thousands of dollar in damages and usually only followed by a written reprimand.

The video from May 2016 shows the deputy changing lanes nine times and turning on his emergency lights to go through two intersections.

He was pursuing a red car that was suspected to be related to a felony case, but ignored three radio commands when he was told to step down.

The patrol car is then seen crashing into the back of a blue Smart Car going in the same direction on Southern Boulevard in West Palm Beach. Witnesses told investigators the light-blue Smart car rolled over several times before it came to its final stop.

The victim, now 61-year-old Harry Deshommes, was seriously injured and rushed to St. Mary’s Medical Center where he had to have his spleen removed.

His injuries also included a skull fracture, traumatic brain injury, and a broken arm, ribs, back and pelvis. His memory has also deteriorated.

The victim’s sister, Gina Desronleaux, described the victim as ‘a simple man’ and said he has not been himself since the crash.

She told WPTV, ‘Physically he’s getting therapy, he’s learning how to walk again, he’s learning how to use his left arm again.’

Hegele has been on unpaid leave from the sheriff’s office since September 2016.

His lawyer, Scott Richardson, declined to comment on the case. Richardson has had a number of high-profile and law-enforcement cases. He previously defended John Goodman in his fatal DUI manslaughter trial and represents former Palm Beach Gardens police officer Nouman Raja in the fatal shooting of Corey Jones.

As for the victim’s attorney, Sekou Gary, he said in a statement, ‘You can’t harm the public under the light of protecting the public.’

Hegele has been a deputy since 2004. Since then he has caused tens of thousands of dollars in damages for collisions with his patrol car. Most of the offenses were given a written reprimand.

He has also been cited numerous times for ‘indifference to policies and procedures.’

At least twice he rear-ended vehicles, failed to report a crash until hours later, and even fell asleep at the wheel and hit a median, causing $1,207.82 in damages.

According to documents, the officer had been put on a performance-improvement plan in the past, with a 15-day suspension, 90-day re-evaluation, and transfer to a new district.

Hegele will go on trial on August 28.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk