WATCH: Cop Flips The Bird at Fellow Cop During Traffic Stop

A dash-cam video from an April, 2012 traffic stop has surfaced in which one Baton Rouge police officer pulls over a fellow cop, leading to a heated exchange on the roadside.

The Baton Rouge Advocate obtained the video through a public records request of the department. In the video, off-duty BRPD officer David Stewart pulls over a swerving white pickup truck that he says was doing more than twice the 45 mph speed limit.

The stop happened on Juban Road in Livingston Parish. According to the Advocate report, Stewart said he pulled the vehicle over and contacted the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s department because he thought the driver may be impaired or having a “road rage” fit.

However, after the driver, Cpl. Brian Harrison, identified himself as a Baton Rouge police officer, the dash-mounted camera in Stewart’s vehicle then captured a heated 4-minute exchange between the two men.

Near the end of the video, Stewart contacts Livingston authorities again on his radio to cancel the call for assistance and allows Harrison to leave. Harrison is seen on the video “flipping the bird” at Stewart before getting in his truck and driving off.

Police officials contacted by the Advocate said both officers had been “counseled” about the incident. Neither officer was disciplined over the matter.

During the exchange between the two, Stewart shouted at the other officer that his children drive on Juban Road.

“I don’t care,” Harrison is heard replying on the video.