WATCH: Cop Mistakes Couple with Baby for a ‘Robber’ – So He Pulls Gun & Assaults Them

Las Vegas, NV — An innocent couple was picking up their daughter Wednesday night when the father was accused of “fitting the description,” and then he and his wife assaulted.

The subsequent video taken by the assaulted father highlights the problem of police escalation and incompetence.

As the video begins, the officer has his pistol drawn, which was the reason that compelled the man to begin filming. Since it was cold outside, the man filming had his other hand in his pocket, which is not a crime.

After politely explaining to the cop that they were merely picking up his daughter, the cop became even more enraged and ran up to the man, who, only seconds prior, was so scary the cop had to draw a gun on him.

“You have a gun in your hand,” says the man filming.

“Yeah, I know that, because you’re a possible robbery suspect,” replies the cop, ignorantly assuming that a couple and their baby would somehow be out robbing houses.

“Because I’m black?” asks the man.

“Yeah, okay,” replies the officer who is still holding his pistol. “Step over to my car please.”

“For what?” the man asks. “We are picking up my daughter.”

At this moment, the officer should have seen that there was indeed a child in the car and ended his incompetent detainment. However, he was not about to back down, so he rushed the man.

The man is then assaulted by the cop, who somehow keeps yelling “get your hands out of your pockets,” despite at least one hand holding the camera and the man informing him that he does not have his hands in his pockets.

The video was uploaded to Facebook by a personal friend of the couple, who says after the video stops is when the worst of the assault took place.

“First off, I want to say, by no means am I posting this to say fvck the police or whatever, I did all that last night. But I am doing this to spread awareness about police harassment since it hit very close to home.

Two of my best friends, (I gave them nicknames to protect their identity, but if you know their voices you’ll know who I’m talking about) BF1 and BF2 were at their baby’s grandmother’s home and had just finished putting the baby in the car. Out of nowhere units rushed and surrounded them and drew weapons because BF1 fit the description of a robber. Mind you it’s dark as shit outside and cold.

The door to the car hasn’t even been closed yet. They didn’t ID BF1 and proceeded to treat him as if he were the actual suspect. His hands were in his pockets and he slowly pulled them out for the sake of not being shot and began filming. As you can see in the video the officer apprehended BF1.

That’s the tip of the iceberg.

The rest of what I’m telling you wasn’t caught on camera. From there 3 police officers also apprehended BF2, banged her head on the car window 3-4 times and arrested her. She has knots and bruises on her face. They also provoked BF1 and taunted him while dragging and pulling him by his cuffs. One officer even asked BF1 “what’s he going to do about it”. At this time they still haven’t acknowledged the child or closed the door to at least keep her warm and were looking for reasons to send BF1 to jail, they found nothing.

The professionalism of the officers was thrown out the window treating both like caged animals verses human beings, except one officer. After BF2 had mentioned to the officers what they were doing was wrong (due to her bachelors in criminal justice and knowledge of the law) they uncuffed her and bribed her with letting them know if she wants to work with metro to give them a shout. The police officers let them go without any apologies. All of this and no Miranda rights were read to them.

Both of my friends are mentally traumatized by the event and in my opinion the officers should be questioned of their professionalism in the service they are hired to do. The only names we pulled from the bunch were Officer Quintana, Officer DeLeon and Officer Miller. #MetroPoliceDepartment #LasVegas #LVMPD

For all those who are victims of racial profiling, police harassment, brutality, etc. speak about your injustice with authority. We can’t do anything if we sweep situations like this under the rug. For everyone else, know your rights know the law.”

And so the soiled rusty cogs of the police state grind on, laying waste to civil rights and inflicting physical harm on anyone who gets caught in its path.


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