WATCH: Cop Pulls Taser On Man For Asking Questions

On May 10th, 2017, an incident involving Officer John Miller of North Enid Police Department was made public via their own Facebook page.

The department released a 12 minute video taken from a body cam worn by the officer. In the heavily redacted video (less than six minutes of audio and video), Officer Miller approaches a car pulled over on a rural road. Inside the vehicle is a female driver. She is conversing with physical therapist Gary Duckworth, who was outside his home mowing the lawn.

They seem friendly enough. Looking more surprised to see a car let alone a cop. Reminds me of back mountain roads where traffic really is not a factor. In fact during the entire 12 minute video not a single car can be seen passing the couple. Nevertheless that did not stop the officer from informing the woman that she was in a no parking zone and would be receiving a ticket.

The woman handed her information over without resisting and the officer went to his car to write a ticket. The man, visibly irritated informs the officer that it was his home that he owned that she stopped in front of. The officer tells him to stay back and finishes his paperwork.

After almost 6 minutes of redacted blacked out video we get to the officer getting out of his car and re-approaching the woman’s vehicle. Both the woman and the man try to explain that she’s not parked and the vehicle is running. The officer dismisses them immediately and tells them they can take it up with the court.

The homeowner then asked the officer why he thinks a vehicle running is parked and why he won’t give a simple warning. The officer tells the man that it’s none of his business and to stay out of it. At that point the man gets angry and says this is all occurring on his property and he is the one that pays the officer salary with his taxes. He asks the officer how is this serving and protecting?

The officer disregards the man and begins to walk back to his car. The man tells the officer to hold on and insists that the officer answer his questions.

In a shocking move of overreaction and intimidation the officer then pulls his taser and threatens the man if he takes another step toward him. He tells the homeowner to stay back until he leaves.

The man showing great courage in the face of a taser continues to insist that the officer not leave and that he answer questions. The officer answered “I’m done here” and takes off.

This is yet another example of why the public is losing trust in the police all across the country.

The department is backing the officers actions and insists he is justified. They are so confident of the officers decisions that they released the body cam footage on their own Facebook page in an attempt to appease the public.

The plan backfired and the public flooded their wall with negative comments relating to the officers choices. After less than 24 hours the video was pulled and the department’s Facebook page unpublished from the public.