WATCH: Cop Shoots Man in the Chest, Then Tells him “You’re Lucky I Didn’t Shoot You in the Head”

April 2, 2015

Richmond, VA — A disturbing video surfaced on YouTube showing the apparent aftermath of a police involved shooting.

The video shows a man laying on the ground in handcuffs, with a bullet wound to the chest. He’s looking around and asking officers who shot him, when the cop who shot him responds.

“Why the f**k did you shoot me?” asks the man. “I didn’t point sh*t at you man!”

“You pointed a gun,” the cop replies. “You’re lucky I didn’t shoot you in the head.”

The onlookers then erupt in anger after hearing such words.

It is unclear whether or not the man had a gun as there is no gun seen on the ground. However, according to the Richmond Police department the man tried to flee on foot, and allegedly pointed a gun at officers.

According to a friend of the man in the video, David, (who declined to give his last name), they were unfairly targeted by police. He says he and the suspect were talking near the courtyard of the hotel, with their girlfriends and David’s baby.

Police claim they witnessed a “hand to hand” transaction, which is why the officers attempted to make contact with the men.

“The cop knows darn well that he did not see a hand-to-hand transaction,” said David.

According to NBC 12,

The suspect took off. Police say he tripped and fell on the pavement in the hotel’s parking lot, and then pulled out a gun from his waistband.

“He attempted to get up, pulled a firearm from his waistband, pointed it towards the officer, at which time, one of the officers fired his firearm,” said Chief Durham.

“As soon as I turned the corner, (the suspect) dropped down to one knee, and then fell down on the ground…holding his torso…(The suspect) just looked at me and said, ‘They shot me for no reason. They shot me for no reason,’” continued David.

“It’s pretty enraging, especially because I know this was a very good guy,” said David.

Police claim to have the suspect’s gun in their possession, yet no charges have been filed against the man.