WATCH: Cop Threatens Driver: ‘I’ll Put a Bullet Hole Right Through Your F*cking Head’

A police detective in Massachusetts was placed on administrative leave after he was recorded threatening to shoot a driver during a traffic stop.

The motorist posted a video of the incident online after the officer repeatedly threatening to shoot him.

The driver’s name has not been released, but they posted the video, saying that the incident took place in Medford.

That’s when the off-duty detective violently confronted him for driving through a rotary without stopping, according to local WCVB-TV.

The driver had a camera mounted on their dashboard – not unlike what police cruisers have – which caught the whole ordeal.

Right after he drove through the rotary, a pickup truck pulled up alongside the driver, and the off-duty cop jumped out in an apparent fit of badge-induced road rage.

“Hey yo, you want to fight, buddy?” the driver asked the overly-aggressive man.

The sleeveless T-shirt wearing officer threw his vehicle into reverse and reached into his pocket as he aggressively advanced, yelling threats of violence and murder the whole time.

“I’ll put a bullet hole right through your f*cking head,” the cop said.

Once the driver noticed the badge, he stopped the car.

“You’re lucky I’m a cop or I’d beat the f*cking piss out of you right now,” the off-duty detective can be hear saying.

That detective was later identified as Stephen Lebert.

Lebert was warned that the whole incident was being recorded. So he threatened to seize the camera as “evidence of a head-on collision” according to Raw Story.

The driver apologized for not noticing the sign marking the traffic rotary, but that wasn’t enough for the road raging cop.

Lebert called in on-duty police officers, saying that the driver had tried to “flee” even though this was not an official traffic stop.

But the driver explained, “he was super aggressive at me, he was yelling and he jumped out of his truck and he yells that he’s going to blow my brains out, and so I got scared.”

“I threw it in reverse, I’m like, What the hell’s going on — I don’t know this guy, you know. He’s got tattoos, he’s got a wife-beater. Where I’m from — I grew up in Lowell, Massachusetts — that’s a rough area. When someone says they’ve got a gun, they usually got a gun.”

The Medford police chief says that Lebert has been suspended with pay since the video showed what really happened.

“I am troubled by what I have seen on the video,” Police Chief Leo Sacco said. “I was upset to see one of my officers involved in this kind of activity.”

Check out that video footage below…