WATCH: Cop Who Tried to Arrest Man For Dating His Daughter Just Got What he Deserves

It’s no secret that racists have been emboldened under the Trump administration, removing their white hoods and marching proudly in the streets.

The sight has grown ever-more common since the so-called “Unite the Right” rally stormed down on Charlottesville, Virginia last summer and left one activist, Heather Heyer, dead after a deranged neo-Nazi plowed his car into a crowd of protestors. In fact, the same organizers were recently approved a permit for a “white civil rights rally” on the one year anniversary of the mob scene.

It’s little surprise that such an event would preempt what just happened in Ohio. Police officer John Kovach, Jr. pursued his daughter Katlyn Kovach’s car without cause – well, except that she was dating a black man.

Dash cam footage revealed Kovach abused his authority when he forced the car to pull over and forcibly removed 18-year-old Makai Coleman from the vehicle. Coleman, of course, was the young black man dating Katlyn.
“You’re going to jail,” Kovach tells Coleman as he forces the young man into the police cruiser.
“What for?” Coleman politely asks.

“We’ll make shit up as I go,” Kovach replied with malice oozing from his words.

After a bit more back and forth, Kovach moves out of frame of the camera and begins talking with a woman Kovach calls Mrs. Coleman, presumably Makai’s mother. Kovach repeatedly asks if his daughter is in her house, to which she keeps adamantly replying “no” only to have Kovach shoot back that she will be tossed in jail as well if she’s lying.

Eventually, the argument moves back into the line of view of the camera which prompts Katlyn, also 18-years-old (which she yells a few times) to finally exit her vehicle and confront her father. As Katlyn argues for the release of her boyfriend, Kovach’s CB radio crackles to life with a call about a road rage incident.

Katlyn’s screams continue with growing intensity until she finally yells, “Why are you pushing me?” only to end up shoved into the back of her father’s cruiser by her father’s own hands.

Elyria, Ohio based publication The Chronicle had some good news to share about the incident: Officer Kovach is an officer no more.

The police report said Kovach didn’t trust Coleman to be with his daughter because he had a criminal record – of course, that record was for marijuana possession.

In the video, as Kovach is pulling away from the Coleman residence with a hysterical Katlyn in the backseat, he repeats that he had shown up to take his daughter to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation because she had threatened to kill herself.

In the video, both Makai and Katlyn deny that she had, insisting the father hadn’t been with Katlyn the day he claims she made the threat.

The Chronicle noted Safety-Service Director Dan Given’s comments on the situation:

“These actions are not acceptable for members of our Police Department, and we felt it warranted an immediate dismissal,” Given said.

At least in this instance the angry cop didn’t result in the untimely death of a young black man. Hopefully he and Katlyn can get themselves away from her overbearing – and now jobless – father.
Take a look at the insanity below: