WATCH: Cops Let DWI Suspect Go After Finding Out Hes A Fellow Officer

28 Mar 2016

Minnesota – Blaine Police officers, responding to reports of an alarm at the Lexington Avenue Fleet Farm in November, discovered something startling — a man passed out behind the wheel of a car with its engine running.

But that wasn’t all. Two officers spent a few minutes pounding the roof of the car and banging the windows in an attempt to rouse the driver. According to reports, they observed “open containers of silver Coors Light cans in the passenger seat.” It would seem to be an open-and-shut case. Not quite.

Upon examining the contents of Monberg’s wallet, one officer says, “Oh, crap.” Looking at one another, without saying a word, both officers pull their body mics out of their pockets — and shut them off.

Then they step away from the camera. As it turns out, William Monberg is an investigator for the Columbia Heights Police Department. And Norby and his partner, Officer Brandon Fettig, are performing what is known as “professional courtesy” — the unspoken rule among police that they will not arrest one of their own.