WATCH: Cotton County Reserve Deputy Suspended After Being Charged With Three Crimes

WALTERS, OK – A Cotton County Reserve Sheriff’s Deputy is suspended after being charged with three crimes Thursday.

26-year-old Chase Berry is charged with disturbing the peace, obstructing an officer and breaking and entering, all misdemeanors.

Police said it all stems from a domestic incident Tuesday night on West Nebraska street in Walters. Court records say it started when someone called Berry and told him his ex-girlfriend and his daughter were seen at a store with another man. When Berry heard, police say he drove to his ex-girlfriend’s home, broke in and tried to leave with his young daughter.

The ex-girlfriend said when Berry showed up, she locked the door. She said Berry told her he was there looking for her new boyfriend and was threatening to hurt him. When she refused to let Berry into the home, she said he forced his way inside, grabbed their daughter and tried to leave. The woman called the police and as Berry was leaving, Walters police officer Brooke Stranahan arrived on the scene.

“She attempted to do an investigation to find out what was going on at the residence to make sure everyone was safe,” said Walters Police Department Public Information Officer Ben Lehew. “The individual she encountered would not stop and comply with her request. He continued telling her she had no business there, she had no jurisdiction there. As the conversation continued, he became aggressive with the officer and came at her. At that point in time, she repelled him, pushed him away and handcuffed him.”

After Berry was placed under arrest, his car was searched and police found a loaded handgun and a loaded shotgun. The investigation is still ongoing but Lehew said he is disappointed with the way this entire situation has unfolded.

“It’s more disappointing for us when you have a law enforcement officer carrying a badge and they’re not carrying a good decision out there. they are there to set the example,” Lehew said. “That places another burden on the fellow law enforcement officers to have to do something like that to their own colleagues.”

The police report said Berry repeatedly told the arresting officer that she did not have jurisdiction and that she could not arrest him, but Lehew said that could not be further from the truth. He said if you break the law, no matter who you are, you will be arrested.

“People need to understand officers are human beings, everyone makes mistakes,” Lehew said. “But we’re not above reproach and we’re not above correcting those mistakes. The law applies to everyone and people need to understand we are going to enforce the law fairly for everyone.”

Berry has been released $3,000 bond. The terms of his bond state that he cannot carry a firearm and that he must stay away from the victim. Berry has been suspended from the Cotton County Sheriff’s Department pending an investigation.


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