WATCH: Couple Held at Gunpoint and Accused of ‘Theft’ After Asking Why They Were Overcharged For Orange Juice

Another disturbing Waffle House video has surfaced. Body camera footage released by justice advocate, Shaun King, shows a black man and woman being arrested, and held at gunpoint in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

The footage shows the couple being arrested and held at gunpoint over claims of theft.

The video shows a man and a woman standing outside arguing with police over an unpaid bill. The man has both hands in the air, and the woman can be heard screaming “he did nothing wrong!”

The woman also never received any food according to King.

After the confusion of the bill boils down, cops arrest both the man and the woman. The woman is forced to pay for the meal, and according to Business Insider returns to the Waffle House later and receives a refund.

Waffle House issued a statement that said in part: “We hope that people will consider all the facts before making up their minds, and we stand ready to engage in open and constructive dialogue about our company, our values and our commitment to doing all we can to ensure that our customers have a great experience in our restaurants.”