WATCH: Denver Police Officer Threatens to Give Motorcyclist Ticket For Honking Horn

10 Jun 2016

Dramatic footage has emerged of a motorcyclist engaging in a fiery road rage exchange with a police officer.

The video, captured in Denver, Colorado on Wednesday, shows the argument between the two at an intersection.

The incident begins when the filmer – wearing a helmet cam – honks his horn at the motorist ahead of him, and complains that the driver is on his phone.

An officer then gets out of the vehicle and confronts the filmer about engaging in ‘road rage’, also claiming that he was ‘acting like a hot dog’ by driving recklessly.

The two then continue the argument for more than five minutes, with the officer repeatedly threatening to give the man a ticket.

Writing online after the incident, the filmer said “I love the police. I respect what they do, but the badge doesn’t make them more capable behind the wheel.”