WATCH: Deputy Helps Her Husband Choke a Man To Death Outside Denny’s, No One Is Arrested

A Harris County deputy sheriff helped her husband kill a man at a Denny’s restaurant, and the county medical examiner has ruled it a homicide. Even though there is video of the killing, blue privilege has prevented the officer or her husband from being arrested.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said the deputy, Shauna Thompson, had been removed from patrol duties following the altercation between her husband, Terry Thompson, and John Hernandez, who later died, reported The Houston Chronicle.

The office of District Attorney Kim Ogg said in a statement, it “has received the evidence the Sheriff’s Office has gathered up to this point in the death of John Hernandez. Prosecutors started reviewing that evidence Tuesday evening and will present it to a grand jury of citizens in the near future. Under Texas law, in felony cases, grand jurors determine if a crime has been committed.”

The 24 year old father was removed from life support and died a few days after the May 28 fight outside the east Harris County restaurant.

The medical examiner listed the cause of death as “anoxic encephalopathy due to strangulation with chest compression.” Which basically means he was choked to death because his brain was deprived of necessary oxygen, while the chest compression prevented his lungs from taking in fresh air to get oxygen into the bloodstream.

Hernandez’s family members and friends gathered Tuesday afternoon to demand the arrest of Deputy Thompson and her husband for killing Hernandez.

“What are you waiting for?” asked Wendy Maldonado, the aunt of the dead victim. “What more do you need? Kim, Ed, where are you,” she asked in reference to D.A. Ogg and Sheriff Gonzalez.

Family and friends shouted out “racist” and “Justice for John” during the press conference. They believe the wife’s blue privilege has prevented arrests in this killing.

“So many people standing there, ” said Maldonado about the incident. “No one said stop or pushed him. No one did anything.”

So many people just stood by while this man was publicly attacked and killed. No one stepped in when they saw a big guy smashing and choking a little guy. No one was willing to stand up to this bully, even to save a life. People have to stand together against racist bullies or they will keep doing this!


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