[WATCH] Ex-NYPD Cop Charged After Living With Her Mom’s Corpse in Bed and Breakfast

A Pennsylvania woman is behind bars and facing charges related to the death of her mother, who cops say she lived with even after the older woman’s body was decomposed beyond recognition.

Moira Richey, 52, was charged Tuesday in Wayne County with abuse of a corpse following the death of her 80-year-old mother, whose body was found inside a bed and breakfast this past June.

Pennsylvania State Troopers believe Richey — a former NYPD officer, according to WNEP — may have lived in the third floor room of the Harvest Inn Bed and Breakfast in Honesdale for months.

However, an autopsy was unable to determine the time of Patricia Richey’s death because of her body’s advanced state of decomposition.

Prosecutors allege the suspect forged her mother’s name to take $1,600 from a bank after her mother’s death. Richey was also charged this week with forgery and theft.

Police alleged Richey covered up the smell of her mother’s body using air freshener but that, eventually, even she asked to be moved to a new room in the inn.

When owners of the B&B demanded they see Patricia Richey, her daughter allegedly copped to her death.

Richey remains jailed in Wayne County, pending a court date.

Source: http://www.insideedition.com