WATCH: Family of Woman Shot by Cop Outraged by 18-Month Wait to See Body Camera Video

Genevive Dawes’ family wore shirts with her picture on them to a news conference Friday afternoon.

“It’s been hard. I miss my daughter,” said Mary Dawes. They want to know why the Dallas Police Department never showed them the video of what happened the night Genevive was shot and killed in January 2017. They waited 18 months.

“All we heard is she tried to put the car in reverse, and she tried to hit two Dallas police officers and that she took five rounds to the chest, and that was it,” said Dawes.

WFAA first obtained the body camera videos from multiple officers. They show former Officer Christopher Hess firing 13 rounds into the car Dawes was driving.

“What type of transparency is it that you have that type of evidence, and it can’t be shared with the families to let them know what happened,” said Daryl Washington, Dawes’ family attorney.

Officer Jason Kimpel fired one shot into the car.

Retired Dallas Assistant Chief Randy Blankenbaker was in charge of the unit that investigated the case. He said the video was clear to him that both officers violated the use of force policy.

“You are responsible for every round that leaves your weapon. You are told that every time you go to the pistol range to qualify,” said Blankenbaker.

The officers were responding to report of a stolen vehicle that night. As they approached the car and yelled commands, Dawes tried to leave, hit the squad car once, then tried to drive forward and then backed up again.

Officer Hess told investigators at that moment, he thought there were officers behind the car and were in danger of being run over. “The vehicle was traveling at a low rate of speed. No one was in danger. No one in the back of that vehicle,” said Washington.

Officer Hess who shot the most bullets was arrested and charged with aggravated assault by a peace officer. Officer Kimpel was suspended and is back on the force. A grand jury cleared him of all charges.