WATCH: Fired Cop Caught on Video Running Down Man With Car Lands New Job

Although the family of a Georgia man hit by a police vehicle feels some vindication after the officer was fired, he was re-hired by a neighboring county.

Oglethorpe County Sheriff’s Office brought officer Taylor Saulters on board after he was from the Athens-Clarke County Police Department for hitting Timmy Patmon with his police vehicle, reports WSBTV.

Patmon reportedly ran from police because he was on probation and held felony warrants, but his mother said officers had no right to use their cruiser as a weapon and crash into her son.

A video of the incident showed that Officer Hunter Blackmon chased Patmon on foot, while officer Saulters followed in his patrol car.

Saulters hit a curb and flattened the tire of his car before swerving his cruiser and careening into Patmon.

Athens-Clarke County Police Chief Scott Freeman admits that Saulters actions went against policy and his termination was the only recourse.

“The Internal Affairs review found that he had used excessive force in this specific case, because it is not in our protocol to strike individuals in this manner,” Freeman said.

Saulters attorney Phillip Holloway said despite the firing his client “received multiple offers of employment and is now again back at work in law enforcement.”

“The officer was very adamant that it wasn’t his attention to strike Mr. Patmon,” Freeman said.

In his police report Saulters framed the assault on Patmon this way: “Patmon ran into the passenger side wheel well of my vehicle. I was hitting my brakes to prevent striking him but could not stop due to my tire being flat,” Saulters said.

However, after the investigation, the chief said, “The officer accelerates the vehicle, there is some wheel movement where it appears that steering wheel is being turned to strike Patmon.”

Freeman was fired within 24 hours after the incident. Swift action that the family is applauding.

“I am relieved that he fired. Justice was served,” said Patmon’s mother, Tammy Brown-Patmon.