WATCH: Former Arkansas School Resource Officer Arrested for Rape, Domestic Battery

Arkansas – A former Faulkner County school resource officer and patrolman sits behind bars after a domestic violence incident involving his wife. Deputies say Matthew Kimery worked with the department for four years – also working with the Conway and Mayflower police departments.

“These police officers and resource officers love to protect and look out for Conway,” says Conway resident, Whitney Ross. She has lived in Conway for seven years. When she hears about school resource officers at her kids school – a few things come to mind. “For them to make sure that they are alright, to make sure that they can come to them if anything is happening,” says Ross.

So when she found out – a former school resource officer well known in the Faulkner County community – faces several charges – including rape and false imprisonment – she was shocked. “It made me angry and to hear something going on in Conway like that, it’s very shocking,” says Ross.

Faulkner County deputies arrested Matthew Kimery earlier this week after his wife told police she was afraid to go back to the home to pick up her belongings. She went on to tell police her husband hit her in the eye days prior – telling her not to come back. “From there she spoke to that deputy, which then gave the domestic, from there she had a couple of things she wanted to speak to,” says Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, Erinn Stone.

The former school resource officer is well known. He worked at the as a patrolman, swat officer and school resource officer before he was let go from the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office.He was also employed with the Conway and Mayflower Police Departments. “It does make me concerned,” says Ross. “You would never think that would happen.”

Kimery faces rape, false imprisonment, and domestic battery charges. Deputies say he’s being held “on a hold” for Faulkner county at the Lonoke County jai on $500,000 dollars bond.


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