WATCH: Former Correctional Officer Arrested in Contraband Plot Now Security Officer at Disney World

Kevin Simmons

NASHVILLE, TN – Internal schedules and employee profiles from Disney’s private database reveals the man once exposed by the News 4 I-Team for plotting to bring contraband into Riverbend Maximum Security prison is now a security officer at Disney world.

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In 2013, the News 4 I-Team’s investigation into correctional officer Kevin Simmons and his recorded phone calls plotting to bring contraband into Riverbend, resulted in his termination and arrest for official misconduct.

Simmons ultimately received judicial diversion in 2014, which meant if he stayed out of trouble, the charge could be expunged. There is currently no record of him having a criminal background in the court system.

Despite repeatedly sharing our findings with Disney, the entertainment giant never responded to our questions, and the latest schedule shows Simmons is on schedule to work at the Ticket and Transportation Center this week doing baggage check.

The News 4 I-Team did not only obtain his schedule, but also his employee profile from Disney’s database along with the rest of Disney’s security teams. A family member of Simmons confirmed to the News 4 I-Team that he worked in security at Disney world.

The News 4 I-Team showed all of our documentation to an employee of Disney, who recently left the company who was able to confirm that what we’d obtained was officially from the database, which is only available for view by employees.

Even if Disney did a criminal background check and no charges from Tennessee were revealed, private security trainer Buford Tune said he is astounded that the company still hired him.

“It’s shocking but then again not shocking,” Tune said. “Did [Disney] check social media? Did [Disney] google this person? Did [Disney] do anything other than take his resume and say, ‘Hey, he’s got a clean record,’ and hire him? Today, you’ve got to do more than that.”


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